Blowing Milk Out Your Nose

A glass of milk Français : Un verre de lait

Too many salespeople don’t take the time to build relationships with prospects who could be future customers. They feel pressured to get the numbers this month (and they are).

I know it’s tough, but in sales you’ve got to work both sides of the street: get the quick sales when you can, but establish and build relationships for the long term sales tomorrow.

Don’t know how? Find your company’s top salespeople. Won’t be hard. There will only be one or two. Take them to lunch. Talk about selling. Ask about relationships. The best salespeople know that relationships are created by repeated contacts: visits, phone calls, emails, follow-up.

They can tell you so many good stories about their clients you’d be amazed, awed, and blowing milk out your nose from laughter. They have the skinny and dirt on everyone. They’re the best because they relate.

Have some cookies with your milk: Strong relationships have made and saved more sales than better products and cheaper prices.