Okay, Smart Ass, Let’s See You Do It

English: Preparation of chapati

How many times have you mumbled that under your breath as you drove away from the prospect’s office for the last time? You spent weeks – maybe months – doing your leg work, making your presentations, preparing proposals, answering countless questions and objections, only to be told, “Thanks for your help, but I think we’ll be able to do this ourselves cheaper.”

CBS Sunday Morning featured a world renown French baker. As they filmed one of his creations using his soft hands to work the two eggs into the dough, the baker was softly talking to himself, not the camera. With a small laugh, he quietly commented, “40 years of experience in making three minutes of dough.”

Secret recipe: Your job in sales is to be the master baker. Prove to the prospect that having the eggs and dough does not a baker make. It’s the experience.