Beware the Silent Buyer

The following excerpt is from Cast in Stone – 45 sales fundamentals that should never be tampered with:

Following up on a salesperson’s presentation (she lost the sale) I asked the prospect why he didn’t buy. Was it price? Competition? Were his needs not filled?

No, no, and no.

He said the salesperson was the problem. She talked too much and every time he tried to bring up a point, she dismissed it as if it was unimportant and continued on with her presentation. He said that he finally just kept his mouth shut, didn’t ask any questions, didn’t offer any comments, and didn’t throw out any objections. He just silently wished she would leave.

When she got back to the office she commented she thought the presentation went well and the customer “didn’t have a single objection.” She was pleased. Until she found out a week later she lost the deal.

Silence may be golden, but it doesn’t mean they’re buying.

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