The Ritz-Carlton, the Banquet Captain, and a Garbage Dump

The Ritz Carlton logo at the former Hong Kong ...

John, our banquet captain at all our seminars at the St. Louis Ritz-Carlton for eight years, was the King of the Garbage Dump. He’s the Rolls-Royce of customer service.

A guest accidentally threw away some very valuable papers during his stay. In a panic the guest called down to the front desk. The front desk called John in on his day off. John discovered the dumpster had already been emptied. He headed straight for the dump.

After digging through the foul smelling garbage, John found and retrieved the guest’s papers. Soiled but salvageable.

John was too modest to tell me his story. I found out through the catering manager. John also didn’t tell me one more thing the manager shared. That year at the garbage dump earned John the recognition as the number one best service provider of all the Ritz-Carlton’s throughout the world!

Can your service compare?

Puttin’ on the Ritz: Customer service not only helps to sell you and your services, it’s one of your greatest assets for customer retention and referrals. And the stories they’ll tell!