Faux Friends Forever?


A former seminar student in Milwaukee, one of the principals in his firm, passed this on to me. As any executive, business owner, or sales manager will tell you, selling your salespeople on cold calling is one of the toughest sales you have to make.

Sharing ideas on the phone the other day, my friend hit on an idea I hadn’t heard before. He simply asks his salespeople, “How would you like to make just one new friend each day?”

Not, “Do you want to make 20 cold calls each day?” Not “Cold call or else!” No, simply look at cold calling as a way to find one new friend each day. There are 244 working days each year. That’s over 200 new friends each year.

And we’re not talking about faux Facebook friends. We’re talking about real friends you can touch, you can call, friends you can help.

One more thing: each of your new friends has hundreds of their own friends they can refer to you. At one friend per day, that’s tremendous leveraging through cold calling!

That’s what friends are for: To make a friend, find someone you can help and who wants your help. It’s as easy as that.