The Cost of Clueless Salespeople

“Get a clue. Quit losing us money and business. Do your job.” Management thinks it, but do they practice it?

The sales manager of a 3-star hotel in Connecticut asked us to send him our ballroom requirements for our seminar and he would get back to us with the price. We told him we needed to make a decision that afternoon.

“No problem,” he said. Problem. He never got back to us.

After we called the next morning, his assistant told us the manager left for a two week vacation that morning. But off the cuff, she quoted us a price 45% less than we paid the previous year (we’re talking thousands of dollars in savings!).

We got a fantastic bargain. Because of the sales manager’s ineptness, the hotel left oodles of money on the table.

Upper management is probably wondering why their profit margins are so thin. Get a clue.

This I promise: The inability to keep your promises may not only cost you money, it could cost you your business or job.