Shoulder Pads, Tutus, and Attitudes

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Except for the Emperor with no clothes, clothes do make the man.

If you want to change your attitude, watch how you dress. As any football player will tell you, the minute you put on your uniform, you develop a new persona – a new attitude. An awkward school girl becomes a graceful swan when she ties on her ballerina slippers. The small town’s introverted hardware clerk becomes a hard-nosed, aggressive combatant when he dons his flak jacket and weapons in a war zone.

When you go to make a major presentation, don’t you wear your dark suit that means business? When you go to the company outing, aren’t you just as casual as the rest? When you want to stand out from the crowd, don’t you wear that red suit, bright tie, or classy glasses?

How you dress affects what others think and feel about you. Without you uttering a single word. Are you creating the impressions you want?

No dress rehearsals: Your clothes not only send a message, they change your attitude. Dress appropriately.