Close Your Mouth – You’re Drooling

French Fries

Marketing is about creating the hunger. It’s 11 a.m. Another hour before lunch. Your co-worker comes in with his burger, fries, and chocolate shake and sits down at his desk across from you. The smell of the burger and fries grab your nose. Your friend laughs as he talks with his cubicle partner, popping another fry into his mouth and licking the salt from his lips.

You ask where he got the burger. “At Tastee Freeze. Man, they make the best fries and shakes I’ve ever had. And the burgers are like my mom made me as a kid: thin patty, sautéed onions, and a greasy bun. This is heaven.”

It’s 11:03. Watch out Freeze, here you come! Let’s eat!

I’m lovin’ it: Marketing is about creating hunger when there is no hunger. Getting others to testify for you creates instant trust that can’t be bought.