Holy Cow!

English: cow

The doctor was indignant. Couldn’t I see that he was a doctor for goodness sake? Not a phony Ph.D. doctor, he reminded me, but the real thing. An M.D. A doctor’s Doctor.

All I did was make a simple statement and ask an innocent question before I started the presentation: “The product you want to see, Doctor, is very (long pause to give emphasis) expensive. Wouldn’t you like to see something a little – oh, I don’t know – cheaper?” I love drawing out that word in my Texas drawl. C-h-e-a-p-e-r! It’s like you’re questioning a rich man’s manhood.

“No!!!” he yelled jumping out of his chair, waving his arms, and emphatically screaming at the top of his exclamation-pointed excitable lungs. “I buy only the best!!! Show me the best dammit!!!”

I did.

I closed.

He bellowed. “Holy cow!” (He didn’t really say cow. He said what happens to you when you drink a gallon of that GoLightly juicy juice to prep for your colonoscopy.) “That’s expensive!”

I suavely replied in my silky James Bond voice, “Doctor, don’t you remember at the beginning of the presentation I said the product you wanted would cost an arm and a leg? But you insisted on only the best. So – doc – which will it be? The arm or the leg?”

He laughed, burnished his check book with great flair, and gave me the business.

Udderly true: Price will always be an objection. Know the three most common objections people have about you, your service, or your product and bring them up first before they get legs.