Quick Quirky Quotes™ for Week of October 15, 2012

Or Was That a Goober?
“I asked him why he was running in the gubernatorial race, and he said, ‘Because I want to be a gubernor.’” – Unknown

Could Do Body Outlines
“Last week I appeared at Carnegie Hall and drew a line two blocks long.  Then some wise guy came along and took away my chalk.” – Unknown

So, In Conclusion
“If your primary chute doesn’t open, and the reserve chute doesn’t open either, well, that’s what you call jumping to a conclusion.” – Unknown

Miss Sensitivity Winner
“Sit by the homely girl – you’ll look better by comparison.” – Debra Maffers, Miss America 1982

Stop Screaming!
“When a woman lowers her voice, it’s a sign she wants something.  When she raises it, it’s a sign she didn’t get it.” – Unknown