What Your Body Is Whispering to Me

The following is an excerpt from Selling Doesn’t Come with Instructions – 45 ways to put it together:

There is a fascination with reading body language. Women are much better than men because men don’t have the sensitivity to see the contradictions between the verbal and non-verbal clues.

But if you want to hone your skills, here are two things you can do as you’re reading someone. (A great place to practice is at a crowded restaurant as you’re watching other diners.)

First, select just one person in the group and say silently to yourself, “Describe what that person is doing right now.” Did she suddenly lean forward, arch her eyebrows and smile? Or did she quickly lean back, cross her arms and knit her eyebrows?

Second, ask yourself, “What did those three gestures whisper about how she feels towards the person she’s talking with?”

You’ll be surprised to know that you know more than you know you know.

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