The Naked Cowboy of Times Square

The following is an excerpt from Selling Doesn’t Always Have to Be a Struggle – 45 ways to put the fun back into selling:

The focus of your marketing is to surprise with the unexpected so your message won’t be ignored.

Returning to our hotel in the middle of Times Square we saw a crowd gathered at the corner across from the kiosk’s neon sign proclaiming “New York Police”. We heard the laughter. Crowd? Laughter? People having fun? Times Square? July? Must be something special.

We inched our way to the front of the gawkers. Playing his guitar and wearing just his hat, boots, and BVD’s we met the Naked Cowboy of Times Square. His singing sucked, and I don’t think he knew a chord on his guitar. But his open guitar case was producing money faster than the U.S. Mint. A minimalist who knows how to market.

Marketing is about getting remembered. New York City. Population nine million. I remember one.

What are you doing to surprise others so you’ll be the one?

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