I’m Innocent, I Tell Ya

State Of Origin Monkeys

Attention sales managers! Looking for a topic for your next sales meeting? Record one of A&E’s “First 48” programs and help your salespeople learn to sell better. This a great program for learning how to read body language, and for learning the art of selling.

This is unscripted, real-life cops and murderers. The interrogation is where the selling takes place. Both cops and suspects are selling each other on what they know, what they believe, and the bluff.

If the suspect leans away from the desk, begins rocking back and forth, hugging his body with both arms, with head down and wailing, “It wasn’t me. I didn’t do it,” can he be believed? When the cop leans aggressively forward, shows the suspect the knife, and says, “We have you on video in the store at the time of the robbery,” can she be believed?

Who do you sell like – the cop or the suspect?

The 3 wise monkeys communicate: 93% of your communications has to do with body language. 55% of your message has to do with how you look when you say it; 38% with how you sound when you say it; and the words themselves account for only 7%. Source: UCLA psychology Professor Albert Mehrabian.