Do Rabid Fans Need Their Shots?

England football fan

Look in any NFL end zone on game day and you’ll see clusters of rabid fanatics with blue and red hair wearing the jerseys of their favorite players. When times are good, their screams rock the stadium. When their quarterback gets intercepted, there’s a collective groan and slump of shoulders as the fans return to their seats.

What’s going on?

Mirror neurons at work. By wearing the jerseys of their favorite players, fans mirror and want to be their heroes. Since they can’t wear the full body armor of the gladiators, they paint their faces, getting ready for war. And as they rise or fall in unison, it’s as if they are actually playing the game themselves. They’re exhausted at game’s end.

So the next time you think there’s nothing to the mirror image, try to suppress your elation when your team scores the game winning TD. You can’t.

Sco-o-o-o-o-o-re!: If you’re excited and believe in yourself and what you’re selling, you’ll influence others to mirror you and want to have what you have.