Why Are You Always Surprised When Cold Calling?

The following is an excerpt from The Blueprint for Cold Calling Scripts:

As more than one salesperson has described cold calling to me, “It’s 15 seconds of sheer terror.” Actors and public speakers call it stage fright. And because they can’t handle the stage fright, many future actors, speakers, and salespeople change careers.

But as everyone admits, once you go on stage, once you speak your first lines, you begin to relax and wonder why you were so scared in the first place. Once you start, your knowledge, experience, and skills take over and guide you to a successful conclusion.

On the first call, one, maybe two things are going to happen:

  1. You will talk with the gatekeeper.
  2. You will talk with the principal.
  3. You will get someone’s voicemail.

Since you know any of these three things is going to happen, there’s no reason you can’t be prepared. When you’re prepared, all those physical sensations of the sweaty palms, shaking hands, and blank mind go away.

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