Quit Making Me Chase You So I Can Give You My Money!

Pharmacy Rx symbol

Ever been to a Disney theme park? Did you notice how easy they make it for you to spend your money? Why can’t other companies learn from them? Too many make it almost impossible for you to give them your money.

Some tell you something can’t be done (because it’s too much of an effort on their part). Customer service treats you rudely or leaves you on life-ending hold. The service department avoids you like the plague. What a nuisance you are. Can’t you just leave us alone?

Ever go to the pharmacy to drop off a prescription only to meet the staff leaving for lunch. “Check back in 30-minutes,” they mutter over their shoulders as they beat a path to the exit, never looking back.

Hey, I just want to buy something from you. Aren’t we in a recession? Does your boss know what you’re doing?

TwitterIED: Anyone in your company who has contact with your customers will sell or unsell your company. Not only might you lose a customer for life, but you will lose referrals they can be giving you. It only takes customers seconds to send a tweet to reach hundreds.