South Dakota, Snow Blowers, and Trust

Snow blowin'

Joe Moore, VP Sales & Marketing, Native American Herbal Tea Company, South Dakota is a closer.

Joe was a contractor for the U.S. Department of Education and recovered billions of dollars for the agency during his ten year stint with them. His job was to get students now in the workforce to pay back their student loans. He closed most all the deals he was involved in because he earned people’s trust. What he passes on can help you close – or lose – more sales.

The department head of a local hardware store in his South Dakota neighborhood offered to help Joe find some of the supplies he needed to winterize his home. The supplies were scattered throughout the store. After helping with the first two items, the salesman simply thanked Joe and walked away. Joe needed to buy more, but the salesman was two and done.

The salesman’s vanishing act reminded Joe why he was such a successful closer: he could create trust with just two words. Joe gained enough trust to get the former students to repay their loans.

What are Joe’s two secret words? After each question was asked and answered, Joe would always prod for more.

“What else?”

There may be another question or ten, but after each answer, Joe kept returning to the well with “What else?” until the well was dry. At the end of the call Joe knew the individual felt comfortable enough with him to stick to the payment plan agreed to.

“What else?” creates trust because it shows that you care and that you’re not distracted by the next shiny object.  Joe said that “If only the hardware store had asked ‘What else?’ that day he could have made a snow blower sale.”

It’s no snow job: Harvard psychologist and Professor Dr. Nalini Ambady found that 71% of the purchasing decision is based upon trust between the salesperson and the prospect.