Three Hours of My Life I Can Never Get Back

English: Oklahoma Sooners head coach Bob Stoop...

A friend, a company’s manager, remarked that watching a football game – any sports – is such a waste of time.

I told her to look at sports as a business microcosm. It’s great for learning how to manage people.

For example, look at three aspects of the game that don’t even have anything to do with the plays on the field. First, building up to the kickoff, look at how the coaches and players create the aggressive attitude to focus on the game and prepare to take the hard knocks guaranteed to come.

Second, at halftime, look at the adjustments that have to be made. Players and coaches have identified their problems, found weaknesses in the competition, and have drawn up new plays.

Finally, when the game is over, win or lose, look at how the coaches and players must deal with either and prepare for the next challenge.

Never out of bounds: Everything is connected. See how they connect. Apply them to your situation. Make learning a game and you’ll learn more, faster. And have fun doing it.