The Blind Side


Michael Oher’s adopted father Sean Tuohy (The Blind Side) was interviewed by Seattle Times sportswriter Steve Kelley. Asked how Oher became such a dominant player to be taken in the first round, Tuohy responded that “His talent didn’t change. His confidence changed.”

If you’ve been in sales and business for several years treading water and not making the breakthrough you feel you’re capable of, it may not be lack of talent. Maybe it’s just the lack of confidence. There are hundreds of ways to increase your confidence. In Oher’s case, he needed someone to believe in him so he could believe in himself. Hang around with people who believe in you.

It’s where belief comes from: Doing little things you know you can do instills confidence. If you know you can make one cold call, make two. If you know you can ask for the business once, ask twice. Confidence grows with each small success.