Do You Feel Lucky? Well…Do You?

Four leaf cloverPsychologist Dr. Richard Wiseman (Quirkology) did some research into luck. He wanted to find out if some people considered themselves lucky, while others considered themselves unlucky. In one experiment he gave volunteers copies of newspapers and asked them to count the number of photographs in them.

What he didn’t tell them is he had a page printed that said “Win £100 by Telling the Experimenter You Have Seen This.” The unlucky people were so focused on counting the pictures they never saw it. The lucky people were more relaxed and spotted the chance to win £100. Wiseman said it was “a simple demonstration of how lucky people can create their good fortune by making the most of an unexpected opportunity.”

The lesson? Set your goals, but keep your eyes open for the unexpected. The unexpected can happen at any time and will often be more rewarding.