Quick Quirky Quotes™ for Week of January 7, 2013

Clown clear 4 for blogSpeaking of Stalkers
“If you ever leave me, I’ll go with you.” – Rene Taylor

A Tart Tort
“Are you taking singing lessons? Who’s your teacher? Do you have a lawyer? Get a lawyer to sue her.” – Simon Cowell

“It does not require many words to speak the truth.” – Chief Joseph, Nez Perce

“Wild horses couldn’t drag a secret out of most women over lunch. However, women seldom have lunch with wild horses.” – Ivern Boyett

Guess Who?
“Never play peekaboo with a child on a long plane trip. There’s no end to the game. Finally, I grabbed him by the bib and said, ‘Look, it’s always gonna be me!’” – Rita Rudner