Bite Me!

Selling Doesn't Always Have to Be a Struggle copyThe authors of Improvise This! think you may not be having enough fun at work. They have a few suggestions.

  1. Wear a tool belt around the office. Don’t say anything about it.
  2. Do impressions of customers, coworkers, and vendors.
  3. Remove all magazines from your customer and employee lounge areas. Replace them with baskets of toys, Legos, Mr. Potato Head, Rubik’s Cube, and Magic 8 Ball. (Bonus: put in a nanny cam and provide hours of fun at your next company party.)
  4. Have a complaint box for all employees. However, all complaints must be submitted in the form of a limerick.
  5. The next time corporate sends down a mind-numbing policy statement, send a cookie bouquet with the note “Bite Me!”


This article is from my ebook, Selling Doesn’t Always Have to Be A Struggle – 45 Ways to Put the Fun Back Into Selling, available at Amazon, the Apple Store, and Barnes & Noble.