What Is Lunch With Jerry?

“I’ll buy you lunch if you let me pick your brains.”

I’ve had such offers – and lunches – with hundreds of businesspeople across America. Since we won’t be able to grab a sandwich together, let’s do the next best thing. Here is your chance to listen in on some of the conversations I’ve had, and continue to have, with others over lunch.

Because we all sell something, Lunch with Jerry is a quick, lighthearted approach about how to influence others by doing the little things right.

If you’re in contact with customers, co-workers, family, or friends, you’re selling – like it or not. You can be a salesperson, business owner, executive, service tech, customer service rep, office manager, CPA, psychologist, doctor, attorney, minister, politician, author, magician, teacher, comedian, singer, song writer, director, producer, Hollywood star, policeman, mechanic, athlete, coach, mom, dad, child, or teen. Whatever your calling, you’re selling.

And what are you selling? You! The first thing people buy. If they don’t buy you, they’ll tune you out.  Just ask anyone who’s been turned off by a cheesy pick-up line.

Lunch with Jerry is a collection of short, true stories about how we sell and unsell ourselves, our services, and our products.  The lessons learned were often costly and painful. But they’re yours for free, no emergency room visits required.

Ready to go? Then let’s do Lunch!