Books by Jerry

Available for iPad, Kindle, Nook, and most all ebook readers. To see book previews and for more details, please visit Cold Calling for Cowards and The Book on Sales Tips are also in paperback and available at all bookstores and

Lunch? – 20 Sales Questions I’ve Been Asked Over Lunch  (FREE!  Go to our website at and download your free PDF copy to give to anyone you like.)

Cold Calling for Cowards: How to Turn the Fear of Rejection into Opportunities, Sales, and Money

“Cold Calling Works? Prove It! – How to Want to Do What You Hate to Do When You Need to Do It”

The Blueprint for Cold Calling Scripts – what to say, how to say it, and why you say it

The Book on Sales Tips – one tip, one page, one minute

Cast in Stone – 45 sales fundamentals that should never be tampered with

Sales Calls are Auditions – 45 ways to get a callback

Sales Psych – 45 sales tips for tough times

Selling Doesn’t Come with Instructions – 45 ways to put it together

Selling Doesn’t Always Have to Be a Struggle – 45 ways to put the fun back into selling