It’s Not About Selling Stupid

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Too many companies teach selling products and services, when they should be teaching how to engage, connect, communicate, promote, and position. Give customers a reason to find you, talk with you, and buy from you.

One business owner wanted to buy one of our products but wanted us to remove our copyright protection showing our company name. Didn’t want his competitors to find us and buy our products and compete with him. Kudos for asking, but our attorney is dead set against it. The owner decided not to buy for this one reason. Rather than give his customers a reason to buy from him – to engage them, communicate with them, and position himself for the sale – he chose not to do anything for fear of his competitors.

If you were interviewing someone for a sales position and they told you they were afraid of the competition, would you hire them?

Selling is more than products and prices. It’s more than beating the competition. It’s about having the courage to do what needs to be done while knowing you can handle whatever happens.

Am I flirting with me?: Sometimes our worst competitors are winking at us in the mirror.


Yes, There Is a Free Lunch!

The following is an excerpt from Lunch? – 20 Sales Questions I’ve Been Asked Over Lunch. You can get a free PDF copy at to pass on to anyone you like.

One of the biggest complaints by business owners and sales managers is that their people never ask for the order. Having lunch with a couple of business owners in New Brunswick, New Jersey, one complained that there had to be some easy way to get his people to ask for the order.

There is. I gave him a 3 x 5 card and told him it was his. Make copies and give it to his salespeople and tell them to give it to the prospect just before getting up to leave the customers’ office. Then let me know if their sales didn’t increase.

He reported that not only did his people close more deals, but they had more fun doing it, and the customers always got a laugh out of it. It added to their expense accounts, but he said the new sales and new business was worth every penny.

What did the card say?