Eeck! You Sound Like Every Other Salesperson


“Why should I do business with you?”

“Because of our reputation. Best value for the money. Established brand. Truly believe in customer service. Our staff is the best.”

If these are your answers, then yes, you do look like every other company. Yes, you will lose the sale. If your competitors can (and they will) say the same thing, then you’re just whistlin’ Dixie.

When you’re asked that question, your first response should be, “What do you need to know to make a good decision?” They’re not looking to buy your product. They’re looking for how to make the right decision. They know. You don’t. Find out.


Brain Freeze

emotional faces

CBS Sunday Morning reported about how we make decisions. They found when faced with complex decisions – buying a car, computer, or even a house – “stop all that thinking…just go for it!

Our emotional brain is much better at taking in lots of information. Science found that the logical brain can take in only seven bits of information at once. Too much information short-circuits the brain.

Doctors did surgery on a brain damaged patient. They left his intellect intact, but the frontal lobes, where emotions are processed, couldn’t be saved. Result? The patient became pathologically indecisive. He spent all day figuring out where to eat lunch, or what pen to use. He needed emotions to make quicker, better decisions.

Emotions override logic. If you’re sad, you’ll pay more for a product. Oddly, whether you’re angry or happy, you’ll make risky decisions.

Pressure cookers are for food: When feeling overwhelmed with too much information and pressured to make a decision, use this as a sign to trust your gut – but add a dash of common sense.