Never Ask This Question

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When you ask, “Can it be done?” you’re limiting yourself by setting results goals. Others asked, “Can the four-minute mile be beaten?” Roger Bannister asked, “How can I do it?”

“Can it be done” is about results. “How can it be done” is about process. Results come from processes. Someone deciding to finally move from couch potato to runner doesn’t ask, “Can I run the 10K?” Instead, “How can I run the 10K? What do I need to do?”

Setting results goals (sell 40 widgets this month) sets a barrier in the mind. You become anxious. In fact, you may become so paralyzed with the belief it’s an impossible task that you don’t even attempt to do what can be done. The correct question is, “How can I sell 40 widgets this month?”

That easy: Asking the right question will change your actions, which change your results.