Cold Calling Works? – Prove It!

From the Introduction:

Salespeople don’t want to know how to cold call better. They don’t want to cold call. Period.

Cold calling is only 20% skills. Getting yourself to do what you don’t want to do because it needs to be done is the other 80%.

This book is about the 80%.

There are only two reasons you should be reading this book. One: to increase your sales. Two: to do what needs to be done.

And there is only one reason to cold call – because it works.


The story begins when twenty-year experienced salesman-turned-entrepreneur Boston Reed seeks the counsel of S.O. Crates to help him get his new business off the ground. Specifically, how to find new business by cold calling. Boston thinks that cold calling is dead. This is the 21st century. There has to be better ways to find new business. But since he has little working capital, no marketing department, and no advertising budget he will try anything to save his business and his job.

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