Why Should I Buy From You?

manandwomanworkingThat’s the thought going through the buyer’s mind, whether you’re making the presentation or closing the deal. He’s not asking why he should buy your service or product. He can buy that from anyone. He wants to know what you bring to the table.

You could have acquired that answer on your very first interview with the prospect and saved it to clinch the deal. An effective question for me to ask the client on the first appointment is, “Why am I  here?” The customer is so surprised by the straight-forwardness of the question that he’ll blurt out why he’s unhappy with his current vendor, service, or product and then proceed to tell me exactly what he’s looking for in both me and the service.

When we get to crunch time and he asks, “Why should I buy from you?” I repeat back his own words – the answer – he gave me the first day.


Waiting for the Interview

Waiting for the InterviewThree men you’ll be interviewing are in the waiting room. You get a peek of them through your office door. The man in the center…

  1. What does his posture tell you?
  2. What’s his attitude about the pending interview?
  3. What do you do?


  1. Known as the splaying position, he is seeking to dominate the environment. He’s trying to take as much territory away from the other two men as possible.
  2. Splaying at home shows comfort and it’s okay. But on a job interview, where serious matters will be discussed, it’s a sign of indifference and disrespect.
  3. You have to let him know he can’t disrespect you. You can do it by admonishing him to sit up. But even better, when you silently approach him and invade his territory, he will. If not? Interview over.

It’s Not About Selling Stupid

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Too many companies teach selling products and services, when they should be teaching how to engage, connect, communicate, promote, and position. Give customers a reason to find you, talk with you, and buy from you.

One business owner wanted to buy one of our products but wanted us to remove our copyright protection showing our company name. Didn’t want his competitors to find us and buy our products and compete with him. Kudos for asking, but our attorney is dead set against it. The owner decided not to buy for this one reason. Rather than give his customers a reason to buy from him – to engage them, communicate with them, and position himself for the sale – he chose not to do anything for fear of his competitors.

If you were interviewing someone for a sales position and they told you they were afraid of the competition, would you hire them?

Selling is more than products and prices. It’s more than beating the competition. It’s about having the courage to do what needs to be done while knowing you can handle whatever happens.

Am I flirting with me?: Sometimes our worst competitors are winking at us in the mirror.

What Your Body Is Whispering to Me

The following is an excerpt from Selling Doesn’t Come with Instructions – 45 ways to put it together:

There is a fascination with reading body language. Women are much better than men because men don’t have the sensitivity to see the contradictions between the verbal and non-verbal clues.

But if you want to hone your skills, here are two things you can do as you’re reading someone. (A great place to practice is at a crowded restaurant as you’re watching other diners.)

First, select just one person in the group and say silently to yourself, “Describe what that person is doing right now.” Did she suddenly lean forward, arch her eyebrows and smile? Or did she quickly lean back, cross her arms and knit her eyebrows?

Second, ask yourself, “What did those three gestures whisper about how she feels towards the person she’s talking with?”

You’ll be surprised to know that you know more than you know you know.

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