Why Secrets are Safe


You know the secret of selling. When asked you’ve shared it. But it’s so simple people don’t believe it.

You’re reluctant to share the secret. Not because you want to keep it, but because it’s so simple you know they won’t do anything with it.

The secret has two parts. You see it around you every day. A homerun clears the fence by inches. A president is elected by a handful of votes. A race is won by one step. The sale is made by a personal touch. The secret is small things make all the difference.

That’s the easy part. The second part separates the winners from losers: it’s your responsibility to act to help make the difference.

They know the combination: Why will the top salespeople always leave the others in the dust? They don’t just understand the secret, they act on it. That’s the real secret.


The Golden Fleece Award

Some American Football referees from a Razorba...


“No catch!”

Same game. Same play. Two refs on top of the play. Two different results.

It was the last play call by a 2012 replacement ref and the play that ended the NFL lockout of the regular referees we’d rather boo.

Scene: Seattle’s CenturyLink Field. Time: Monday Night Football (“Are you ready for some…mind-blowing calls!?!”) Game: Seattle Seahawks v. Green Bay Packers. Situation: eleven seconds left. Seahawks down by five and on the Packers twenty-four yard line. Last play of the game. A Hail Mary to the end zone. The salesman: the Seahawks wide receiver Golden Tate.

Jump ball. The Packers’ M.D. Jennings comes down with the ball landing on top of Seattle’s Golden Boy. Interception! The Packers win!

No. Wait. Forgot about the refs standing above them. What’s that call again? Touchdown? Interception? Let’s go to replay.

Yep. Touchdown alright. As the combatants were laying on the ground wrestling for possession of the ball, somehow Golden Boy sold the refs that it was a simultaneous possession. Tie goes to the offense. Touchdown.

Arguably the worst call in NFL history. But Golden Tate made two sales when coming to earth. The first was to sell the refs downstairs and upstairs that the catch was a simultaneous possession – touchdown! The second was to sell the football commissioner and 32 owners that they needed to immediately work out a deal with the regular refs and get them back on the field. (They did. The regular refs returned three nights later.) Golden Tate did in one second what months of negotiations between the NFL and referees union couldn’t. Give that man a bonus.

And no, not everyone was unhappy with the call. The Seahawks and fans were delirious. And I’m sure the team received congratulatory tweets from Chicago, Detroit, and Minnesota. “Way to go boys! You made our division a race.”

No flag on the play: Never give up. Fight to the end. You never know what some see that others miss. Make your best case. Things just might go your way. You don’t have to sell the crowd, pundits, or analyzers. Just the ones who make the decisions. And, who knows, you might cross-sell something you never considered.

Do Rabid Fans Need Their Shots?

England football fan

Look in any NFL end zone on game day and you’ll see clusters of rabid fanatics with blue and red hair wearing the jerseys of their favorite players. When times are good, their screams rock the stadium. When their quarterback gets intercepted, there’s a collective groan and slump of shoulders as the fans return to their seats.

What’s going on?

Mirror neurons at work. By wearing the jerseys of their favorite players, fans mirror and want to be their heroes. Since they can’t wear the full body armor of the gladiators, they paint their faces, getting ready for war. And as they rise or fall in unison, it’s as if they are actually playing the game themselves. They’re exhausted at game’s end.

So the next time you think there’s nothing to the mirror image, try to suppress your elation when your team scores the game winning TD. You can’t.

Sco-o-o-o-o-o-re!: If you’re excited and believe in yourself and what you’re selling, you’ll influence others to mirror you and want to have what you have.

Why Are You Always Surprised When Cold Calling?

The following is an excerpt from The Blueprint for Cold Calling Scripts:

As more than one salesperson has described cold calling to me, “It’s 15 seconds of sheer terror.” Actors and public speakers call it stage fright. And because they can’t handle the stage fright, many future actors, speakers, and salespeople change careers.

But as everyone admits, once you go on stage, once you speak your first lines, you begin to relax and wonder why you were so scared in the first place. Once you start, your knowledge, experience, and skills take over and guide you to a successful conclusion.

On the first call, one, maybe two things are going to happen:

  1. You will talk with the gatekeeper.
  2. You will talk with the principal.
  3. You will get someone’s voicemail.

Since you know any of these three things is going to happen, there’s no reason you can’t be prepared. When you’re prepared, all those physical sensations of the sweaty palms, shaking hands, and blank mind go away.

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You Know Your Stuff, but You Don’t Know People

The following excerpt is from Sales Psych – 45 sales motivation tips for tough times:

Harry Beckwith (What Clients Love) says to “Hire for relationships, train for skill.” He said there are two reasons for this. First, people constantly grow at their tasks but few improve at relating. Second, people forgive the mistakes of others who seem to care for them.

Selling is a relationship business. That’s why accountants, attorneys, and engineers have a difficult time when starting their own business. They know their business, they know their numbers, but they don’t know their clients. Or at least how to relate to them. How many times have you heard friends say, “He’s a great doctor, but he has no bedside manners.”

Sales managers know it’s easier to hire a nice person and teach him how to sell, than it is to hire an experienced nasty salesperson and train him to be pleasant. Relationships have made more sales than knowledge ever has.

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