I’m Innocent, I Tell Ya

State Of Origin Monkeys

Attention sales managers! Looking for a topic for your next sales meeting? Record one of A&E’s “First 48” programs and help your salespeople learn to sell better. This a great program for learning how to read body language, and for learning the art of selling.

This is unscripted, real-life cops and murderers. The interrogation is where the selling takes place. Both cops and suspects are selling each other on what they know, what they believe, and the bluff.

If the suspect leans away from the desk, begins rocking back and forth, hugging his body with both arms, with head down and wailing, “It wasn’t me. I didn’t do it,” can he be believed? When the cop leans aggressively forward, shows the suspect the knife, and says, “We have you on video in the store at the time of the robbery,” can she be believed?

Who do you sell like – the cop or the suspect?

The 3 wise monkeys communicate: 93% of your communications has to do with body language. 55% of your message has to do with how you look when you say it; 38% with how you sound when you say it; and the words themselves account for only 7%. Source: UCLA psychology Professor Albert Mehrabian.


Make It Up As You Go

Sales, cold calling, and networking are more about attitude than answers. And what stops us is not that we don’t have the answers, it’s that we don’t get started. We don’t cold call because we’re thinking, “I’ll screw up. What if he asks me a question I can’t answer? I’ll look stupid.” We don’t go to networking functions because “I don’t like small talk. I won’t know what to say.”

Trust me, when you get in front of the people, you’ll come through. You’ll improvise. If need be, you’ll make it up as you go. And that’s a great attitude to have before any venturing out.

Life is improvisation: The right attitude allows you to do the hardest thing – get started. The answers will come when the questions are asked. Problems will be solved once they’re presented.

What Your Body Is Whispering to Me

The following is an excerpt from Selling Doesn’t Come with Instructions – 45 ways to put it together:

There is a fascination with reading body language. Women are much better than men because men don’t have the sensitivity to see the contradictions between the verbal and non-verbal clues.

But if you want to hone your skills, here are two things you can do as you’re reading someone. (A great place to practice is at a crowded restaurant as you’re watching other diners.)

First, select just one person in the group and say silently to yourself, “Describe what that person is doing right now.” Did she suddenly lean forward, arch her eyebrows and smile? Or did she quickly lean back, cross her arms and knit her eyebrows?

Second, ask yourself, “What did those three gestures whisper about how she feels towards the person she’s talking with?”

You’ll be surprised to know that you know more than you know you know.

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I Call Her Pecan Because She’s a Nut

shelled and unshelled pecans

What is the difference between being persistent – and being a stalker?

A saleswoman (I’ll call her Pecan to avoid any lawsuits) called for my advice for how to get her prospect to return her calls. She said that she had left multiple messages but he never called back.

I asked her where she stood at this point in the sales cycle.

“Well,” she said, “on my last call he told me to stop calling. He said he thought I was a stalker, that I scared him, and to never call him again.”


“Why do you keep calling him then?” I asked. “He’s given you his answer.”

She hesitated. “ Well…uh…I think I’m infatuated with him. I know he’s married, but I don’t care. What should I do?”

“DON’T CALL HIM BACK!” Get a life lady. Move on.

Pecan wasn’t happy with my answer, but she got off the phone.

She called me back the next day. “Jerry, he’s REALLY mad at me now! I didn’t do what you said and I called him back anyway. What can I do to get him to return my calls?”

Wait a minute. You want me to give you advice for how to stalk a guy? No way. I’m not going to prison for you.

“Pecan. Never call him again or the police will be taking you to the nearest calaboose for lock-up. And never call me back either.”

There. That did it.

Two years later I’m in her city doing a public seminar. Somehow she found the hotel I was staying in to do the seminar.

Getting to my room that evening after a long speaking day, I flopped down onto my bed. R-r-r-i-i-i-ng. Picking up the phone, I was shocked to hear the voice.

“Jerry!” Pecan pleaded, “I know you’ve just finished your seminar and you’re probably tired. But I’m down here in the lobby. Could you please come down and give me some advice for how I can get my (same) prospect to return my calls? I’m really getting desperate!”

And I’m getting really scared. And no, I didn’t go down to show her how to victimize someone who, I’m sure, is now heading for the witness protection program.

Now that – folks – is a stalker.

Restraining order issued: It’s okay to be persistent. It is not okay to be a stalker. Sometimes “No” means “No”. Accept it and move on. Especially when they’re married and you scare the beejezus out of them.

Holy Cow!

English: cow

The doctor was indignant. Couldn’t I see that he was a doctor for goodness sake? Not a phony Ph.D. doctor, he reminded me, but the real thing. An M.D. A doctor’s Doctor.

All I did was make a simple statement and ask an innocent question before I started the presentation: “The product you want to see, Doctor, is very (long pause to give emphasis) expensive. Wouldn’t you like to see something a little – oh, I don’t know – cheaper?” I love drawing out that word in my Texas drawl. C-h-e-a-p-e-r! It’s like you’re questioning a rich man’s manhood.

“No!!!” he yelled jumping out of his chair, waving his arms, and emphatically screaming at the top of his exclamation-pointed excitable lungs. “I buy only the best!!! Show me the best dammit!!!”

I did.

I closed.

He bellowed. “Holy cow!” (He didn’t really say cow. He said what happens to you when you drink a gallon of that GoLightly juicy juice to prep for your colonoscopy.) “That’s expensive!”

I suavely replied in my silky James Bond voice, “Doctor, don’t you remember at the beginning of the presentation I said the product you wanted would cost an arm and a leg? But you insisted on only the best. So – doc – which will it be? The arm or the leg?”

He laughed, burnished his check book with great flair, and gave me the business.

Udderly true: Price will always be an objection. Know the three most common objections people have about you, your service, or your product and bring them up first before they get legs.